Supplier Of Cartoning Machine Near Sacaba Bolivia

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Supplier of Cartoning Machine near Sacaba Bolivia

FusionTech International is One Of the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exported of Cartoning Machine, We are leading exporter from india, We can supply you  the Product you are Looking for at most rational rate and that too MADE IN INDIA. We are aware that you are Looking For Cartoning Machine in Sacaba Bolivia

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The key Features of Cartoning Machine are;

> Product Packing Type may very with packing type and specifications

> Auto Carton Box Erection

> can link with over wrap machine

> Mechanical and servo based option available

> Pharma Grade CE Certified parts       

> Product to Product Customised Packing solutions

> Customize Solution Depending Upon Product

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Supplier of Cartoning Machine near Sacaba Bolivia

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Supplier of Cartoning Machine near Sacaba Bolivia

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Cartooning Machine

> Product Packing Type May Very With Packing Type And Specifications   > Speed Of The Packing Ranging From 60~150 Packs Per Minutes   > Auto Carton Box Erection   > Fold Type : Tucking / Glue Gun Mechanism   > Can Link With Over Wrap Machine   > Vertical And Horizontal Application   > Mechanical And Servo Based Option Available > Heavy Duty Body And Assemblies   > Pharma Grade CE Certified Parts   > Standard M... Read more

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