Soap Bar Cutting Machine Supplier In San Julián Bolivia

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Soap Bar cutting machine Supplier in San Julián Bolivia

FusionTech International is One Of the Leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exported of Soap Bar cutting machine, We are leading Supplier from india, We can supply you  the Product you are Looking for at most rational rate and that too MADE IN INDIA. We are aware that you are Looking For Soap Bar cutting machine, Lux Type Soap cutting machine in San Julián Bolivia

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The key Features of Soap Bar cutting machine are;         

> No Lubrication required                                                           

> Length setting by an encoder

> Body Structure: Carbon Steel

> Fastners: IS1364

> No Lubrication required           

>   High Accuracy length cutting of  +/- 0.02 mm

> Maximum cutting length: 999mm&Minimum |  cutting length: 20mm

To explore more about our products Write us on  or Call us on +91 8128 986 711

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Soap Bar cutting machine Supplier in San Julián Bolivia


Soap Bar cutting machine Supplier in San Julián Bolivia

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